giovedì 2 agosto 2012

Yams-130B Greifer

After seven months spent on the scratch build of the Jaguar I decide to take a break with a simple kit.
The first time that I saw this mecha on Hobby Japan I thinked that it was amazing and I startedt to thinking to scratch it.....
During my last HK trip on Super G store I found the recast of this kit and I bought it immediatly.
The Yams is a sort of Sinajiu evolution.

So I started to sanding all parts with the intention to paint it immediatly, but, after that I discovered that I'm not able to do it....
Don't get me wrong, this kit is really well done, but for me it needed of more extra pannel lines, details and addictional parts.
So I started to work on it and this is the result.

On torso I added more pannel lines and addictional parts

 I stretch the neck.

 metal tubes are old bass strings....

 I scratched the shied

 for the lance I uses two sinanjiu's swords

8 commenti:

  1. love the Geifer, just orderd one too ;)

  2. I love too. His design is simpy amazing!!!!

  3. Oh way more pics over here. Love the addons i will be watching this

  4. awesome! Is this the UC resin kit? Where can i order?

  5. Yes is the UC kit. you'll find it to the Super G store. Contact them on facebook and ask for it....

  6. Found it and ordered in ebay! My first resin kit, cant wait to get my hands on this. You are a legend, great builds! Will follow your blog

  7. Thank you bro and good luck. you need of a lot of sand paper....