lunedì 20 agosto 2012

Yams-130B Greifer

It's unbeliveble. Only 3 weeks for finish this kit.
well here is the result of my speedy work!!!
just in time for my holidays...

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  1. ciao amigo, é molto belle molto. :-))
    very quickly, clean and decent work on thin one, bro. thanks for inspiration

  2. thank you, this time I haven't weathered it as usual....

  3. yes, it looks very clean. Sometime looks any machine better without weathering, new and very glossy

  4. The kit looks beautiful man! I love the overall cleanliness that I couldn't hope to accomplish, and the internals look amazing. The decals on the rear are a great touch too. Beautiful!

  5. Thank you so much for your comments. This time I decided to something of different from my style. But the next one will be very dirty and weathered....

  6. Amazing work! I'm planning on ordering the Greifer and it's going to be my first resin kit. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your work.

    1) Did you have to use glue at all to keep any parts together?

    2) Was there a lot of hand painting involved? I mostly use spray paint cans.

    Thanks for your time. And nice work!

  7. Hello fixt
    This kit is really nice, but the original one is a little bit different from mine.
    If you want you can see my wip about it.

    for the big parts I used alluminium tubes and for the small ones super glue.

    for the paintig job, I used only airbrush and tons of masking tape....
    good luck bro and thanks so much for your kind words!!!