domenica 20 maggio 2012

PMS-007 Jaguar I - wip 13 - bottom

It's time to work on the waist and I started from the bottom. I decided to it very big in the -O- style.....

5 commenti:

  1. o.k stop teasing me, just assemble this baby and show it to me.

    Oh and when can I preorder it? XD

    It just looks so good :)

  2. Dear bro you are so kind!!!!!
    I started to recast it.... maybe in the next pics you'll see the waist and legs together... If you promise that you'll came here in rome, I'll recast a copy only for you...

  3. Hi, your model is the best of HLJ, it is better to live than in pictures.
    Peppekk also called luca

  4. send me a photo of the scrubber? that you told me last night.