lunedì 6 giugno 2011

1/100 Sinanju - W.I.P. 6 - back pack

Sorry for the delay, but in this period I'm very busy....

However here the Sinanju back pack.

7 commenti:

  1. did you mod the thrusters? or got the aluminium ones?

  2. the trusters on the back pack are metal optional parts.

  3. What is the clear white shapes that you added on?

  4. I'm purchasing a sinanju gundam and i'm thinking about doing some modding too

  5. Hello bro are plastic stripes. You can find as pasticard or Styrene. You can find as strips or in sheets...

    1. Thanks bro! Great job on the model, i really like it! another thing, i'm planning on brush painting the kit with regular tomya paint, would applying dry transfer (rub on) decals break the paint?

  6. Bro for the best result you need to use the airbrush. Usually, after painting I spray a gloss coat, decals, gloss coat and after flat coat... with brush it's to much difficult, but you can try with sray can...